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IDEA 2024 Registration has closed.
Still interested in joining us this summer? Click here to contact us.

What is IDEAcademy?

At IDEAcademy, we take an experiential approach to education by immersing students in programmatic topics commonly found in college courses to provide a foundation for innovative thinking. By fostering their natural curiosity to analyze and solve problems that improve the human experience, our approach aims to develop leadership skills, creative confidence, and professional collaboration among students.

Whether it's college, trade school, or an early career, IDEA provides students with a "hiker's toolbox" of educational and practical skills to help them prepare for the next big mountain in their lives. The program consists of a multi-session, class block schedule in which students engage in human-centered design projects spanning several focus areas. All of our program managers are industry professionals and recent students with prior leadership experience.  This allows students to access teachers unlike their current public schools and brings the world of private & public sector businesses to students in the comfort of their school system.


July 8th - July 26th, 2024

Monday - Friday, 9am - 2pm

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  • Wayland Exploration Lab for Design (WELD)

  • Center for Computing & Data Science, Boston University Campus

How It Works:

  • Apply for IDEA2024: Students should submit their applications via the button at the top right of our website to be considered by our admissions team. An email confirmation will be sent to you if your submission was successful.

  • Monitor Your Inbox: If a student's application is approved, they will receive an email in 1-2 days with their tentative acceptance into the Academy contingent upon completing the registration process. 

  • Register For Courses:  Tentatively Accepted students will be able to register via our website for two classes from our selection of 2024 Course Offerings, listed below. At this time, students will be expected to pay their Commitment Fee to lock in their spot as a part of the IDEA Class of 2024. 

  • Get Excited! Once registered, students just need to count down the days until our program kicks off on July 8th.

IDEA 2024 Course Offerings

Please note that course offerings vary by location. All students may register for courses from one location.

Our Wayland courses offer students an opportunity to engage with innovative project management from within their own community.

A Block Courses

Cities for People: Urban Design & Architecture

Unpack the art and science of crafting sustainable and accessible urban environments, where innovative urban planning, landscape analysis, and forward-thinking architecture converge to shape the cities of tomorrow.

Print to Empower: Assistive Technology in Public Health

Explore how 3D printing and biomedical engineering merge to create empowering assistive technologies, enhancing public health through prototyping and design that promote health equity for all members of a community.

Beyond the Logo: Ethics and Deception in Marketing

Delve into the ethical landscape of business marketing, where branding, corporate responsibility, and social justice advocacy intersect to challenge perceptions and explore the fine line between persuasion and deception.

B Block Courses

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? Exploring Linguistic Psychology

Dive into one of the most fascinating aspects of the human the mind in a course that explores linguistic psychology, covering topics from language acquisition and neuroscience to cognition, influence, and the implications of computerized language processing.

Code with Compassion: Human-Centered Design in Computer Science

Discover the power of human-centered design in computer science as you learn UI/UX principles, front-end development, game and app creation, and foundational coding logic, all aimed at creating technology that improves the user experience.

Deal or No Deal: Mastering Negotiation, Investing, and FinTech

Master the art of negotiation and personal investing by learning about strategic communication, business negotiating tactics, and data-driven decision making to help you in navigating the ever-evolving industry of FinTech.

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