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Programming Offerings

Our Practical Course offerings are centered around applying one solution to many problems, such as:

3D Printing & Laser Cutting

Discover the fundamentals and gain a solid understanding of these cutting-edge technologies and their practical applications. Through hands-on projects and guided demonstrations, students will develop essential skills in 3D modeling, prototyping, and Computer Augmented Design (CAD). 

Game & App Design

Explore the foundations of programming and software development from the unique lens of Game Theory. Through user-centric design principles, students will gain essential coding skills and unlock a new form of creative storytelling as they master the creation of captivating games and applications.

The Psychology of Business: Branding & Perception

Uncover the psychology behind successful business strategies by gaining insights into consumer behavior, media perception, and the powerful impact of effective branding. By engaging in experiments and case studies, students will explore the strategies and techniques used to create compelling brand identities and shape positive reputations on a global scale.

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